martedì 20 settembre 2016

VI - Showcase: Daemons Bloodcrushers

Showcase: Daemons Bloodcrushers

Hi readers!
As you already know I'm painting AOS Khorne army but they are not the first Khorne experience.
When I was a bit younger (more or less 13 years ago) I planned a Khorne army. I've repainted those old model a pair of year ago more or less, and they are all sold on eBay.

My second Khorne experience are these Bloodcrushers. I wanted to paint some miniatures with an homogenous colour scheme but with some contrast, so I decided to lacquer the metal cow (Juggernauts) and give a classic matt finish to the Bloodletters.
The Bloodletters chief has four arms to distinguish him.
I decided to give them the round and the square bases.
As everything that it is not a Dark Eldar or a Dark Elves, they were sold on eBay.

DGD levels
What do you think?

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