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XXVI - Genesis of a New Project, fast start

Hi readers!
It is time to change, it is time to do something different. In these days I was not prolific in the hobby: sometimes it happens to burn out, and you need to find something new to do. I thought a lot about it, and you, you and you have been the source of inspiration, and, merging it with some ideas I got, I can now write down something to make order and so on.
To be precise, the post should be named "probably genesis of a new project", because when I am painting DE, I could never for ever satisfied about a painting scheme: I hope to paint more than one minis before change everything!

This post is written in a quite wide time span, so maybe you can see different lights on pics, some contraddictions etc., because I changed my mind sometimes, and I would like to keep track of this changes. It is a kind of log of impressions, ideas, win and fail to reach a satisfying result. Enjoy the trip!

A brief parentesis: blogging
As you know, this is my second blog: the first is sadly dead, but, the more the time passes, the most I feel it like a liberation: new blog new things. I were a bit bulimic with the first blog: I wrote a lot, also stupid or useless posts, without quality: now I want to try to improve the quality of my blog and posts: the first step where the downloadable tutorials, the second, few but more full WIP, and now I'd like to write more. The Blogger app is banned to write the biggest part of a post, only the beloved pc is permitted. Tanks to everybody, your beautiful blogs opens my eyes.

Background inspirations.
I decided to return to the origins: my Dark Eldar. I always struggle with myself with the Kabal colour scheme (next point), so I simply decided to take away the Kabal (till now). I want a group of mercenary Dark Eldar, whom lurk in some angles of the Webway, where only the permitted ones can reach. They are not bounded to any Kabal or Archon, they are simply a well trained small group hired from other races or Dark Eldar, to do some specific task. They do not always want money or souls, sometimes their request are bizarre, like glasses tears, necklaces of teeth or favours: often the price is at the first instance is judged laughtable, sooner or later everybody are going to knows that with this unnamed group, you never bargain, but only present. I think that I am going to focus on one DE per time, with a post dedicaded. Maybe.

How to work inspirations.
In this case, I do not find some inspiration related to Dark Eldar, but inspiration of working in a kind of way that simply amazed me.
Here the referencies:
This, is an amazing job, all with brushes, with a great result: it underline what I should do, a work of passion.
This blog is incredible: check it out, every mini is with a background, rules, and well done. Details, details, details.
And also this blog is frankly terrific: look the precision, the steady project: it is incredible.

And also a lot of other blogs are amazing, and amazing is the community: if you burn out, simply do something else than the hobby, and lurk everywhere, it is plenty of beautiful works.

Sculpting inspirations.
Well, more than sculpting is a kind of kitbashing. I simply decided to try to make some unique Dark Eldar, and, I think that some armies have a very rigid aesthetic, that it is very difficult to bend (like SM, Eldar, DE). This is a great challenge, because I love the DE concepts, but I'd like to create some uniques models, or try to do it.
For this model I recycled a miniature made to test a painting scheme that I never used.
I like recycle miniatures, despite new ones are better to paint.

Paint inspirations.
This post is written di different weeks, so here a kind of small journal about thr painting, there is a kind if evolution
Some days ago I was lighted by this miniature. It is terrific in everything, (more or less like all the miniature on that site so, if you do not have a great self esteem, please do not search the "best" there), but what make me think were the base: it is beautiful and out of my competence of course, but all that colours with black.. I should try to take the black and coloured contrast and decline it to my style!

Furthermore, for the bases, I were thinking of something geometric, inspired by "At the Mountain of Madness" of Lovecraft. Not big block of stone, but something of not natural. My models are on the Webway, so the place is weird and unseen, let's experimentate with colours that I've never thought to use!

This is going to be the contrast with the models, that are going to be monochromatically black and grey, with different textures, matt and gloss black.
The bases, is going colourful and I want bright, strong and not natural colours, so white primer is necessary.

On the other hand, the miniature is going to be on a grey scale, so black primer is compulsory for a grim look.

It is going to be a group of model with the base more colourful than the miniature but, to balance, the bases are going to be minimal (only colourful).
I have bought some colour: well they are terrific, but I really cannot stand to use them, all together : too much happiness! So also the base is going a b/w. How? Well I got some weird idea! The Webway bg is however worth of attention, so this is going to be used.
However a wip of the mini: quite satisfied, also because it is more or less a month that I do not paint.

Swirling bases!!! Well I've found this technique lurking on guitar mods video, so why do not use it? I think that this idea fits perfectly for a chaos standard or shoulder pads.
Let's see what happens!
Simply nope. The technique is awful to apply and I simply hate enamel colours.
I have decided to do the bases simply, flat and with few details. I always loved the flat bases, and I have never experimentate them widely. They are going to be painted like the Dark Eldar with some black pigments. I think the result is going to seems some miniatures by night, and this frankly it is fascinating. Hope this is going to be the last point of the bases evolution!
Bases completed!quite nice. Also the mini is taking the final steps. I think the bg could be the same, but now those guys and girls are not in the Webway but somewhere in the night.. Quite cool as idea!

The first results.
Here the test mini! As you have understood it is a mock up of the painting scheme etc., and I were in hurry to finish it, despite I spent more or less a month to do it: completely without efficiency. I hope next are going to be better!
It seems a bit by night and I like it!

I used some paint mixed with some sand like GW textured paint but the result is very poor. I pay my lazy behaviour!

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