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IX - Showcase: Kabal of the Astonishing Void (wip)

Showcase: Kabal of the Astonishing Void (wip)

Hi to everybody!
 Today I'll show my Kabal, the kabal ok the Astonishing Void.  as you can see it is a wip, because I add miniatures to this Project  slowly. You can also see that there is a Small evolution in the painting scheme  -the last miniatures are more blueish-.
As already say, the resarch of a satifying painting scheme has been very painful -something like 3-4 painting scheme - but luckily I've a very effective method to removed colour from plastic and so none kabalite has been trashed. I think that the best way to choose an army is to look at the common troops: if they are beautiful  you should choose that army because more or less the common troops are the most present in your army  and also they give the the feeling of that Race : if also some special troops are cool for you it is you army!!!! I love kabalite warriors and I think that dark eldar are one of the most loved Race by GW -miniatures , rules I do not know -: the models are superb IMHO.
 Well here the Kabal. When I'll have some hours I'll write some background!

The second on the left is going to have a banner.

These two units count as Trueborn. I like to give small differences to units to distinguish them subtly.
Ok I must finish this units! I've bought them for the knives etc. but I do not waste miniatures so I decided to paint them slowly with homemade arms. It is difficult that I have more than two Project, generally I finish one before buy other minis : it is very hard!!!!
The Incubus are a shame-sorry - . When I bought them I did not know the GW policy "failcast= change" and I kept a very failcast unit: some of my favourite minis became a nightmare.  The Klaivex's head is not the original because his was extremely ruined.
Very demotivated I rather finished them -but They are a part of my army so here the pic-.Waiting for the plastic ones mummy GW!
I love the plastic Archon but I was not a fan of the bare head: I'd like to have a helmet so I created one different from all other : he is am archon he cannot stand to have the same helmet of hus troops!
I did not like also the pharaoh pose  (why Mommy GW, why????) so I did a little kitbash. Already not convinced because two I like two parallel arms also but I prefere that weird sword  than a more regular one. Also for the head I'm not convinced .
What do you think?

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