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XLII - WIP: The Glottkin, Monster March, I week

Today a post about my first week of the Monster March, the week about assembling and so on.

Unluckily my the Glottkin were already assembled and primed before the knowing of MM, being them the last wave of the small sea of Nurgle that hit my desk, furthermore I ought to start before the official beginning due work issues: I really wanted to partecipate to this event, and the kind Swordmaster allows me to partecipate despite my not phased painting. The pics are going to be updated in sync with the official calendar, but the work is slightly ahead when you are reading a certain wip. Sorry!

I really like this kit also because it reminds me the Lovecraft's "the Dunwich Horror", check it if you can, it is a really nice story, but I cannot spoiler more than this despite you can imagine it!

Before continue, I'll set a kind of steps that I am going to follow for this event:

-first week: assembling, priming, brainless painting (preparations for the real painting);
- second week: largest parts and all the part with their base colours at least;
- third week: details and finish;
- fourth week: everything it is missing.

Lets proceed!

Well This kit is amazingly big, maybe bigger (surely fatter lol) than my last big kit done. Glueing all those parts is quite annoying, but this is the price to pay for such magnificent monsters. Also, if you make some imprecision on the leg for example, this could affect the back in the glueing scheme, generating a kind of domino of imprecision, a nightmare that a good dose of green stuff, liquid green stuff, textured paint and glue can solve.

If you are wondering how I did that drop of glue, I cannot tell you: I've found it one day I returned home so, I'm happy but quite scared lol!I'd really like if i could do this another time. Well random painting is the way of this blog.

Well after the first filling of the cracks, I did an hand of black primer, than another hand of filling, and a bit of primer.

The smaller bros are quite nice, without great problem.

As always the monster is black 'n' white primed.

The base is going to be quite classic and simple, earth, puddles, and so on.

After that started the brainless painting, so duck egg green for everybody!
I also sprayed some grey somewhere to have a bit of differencies, the model is big and I do not want a boring result! Airbrush is a kind of blessing with large models, the days of annoying and with good results only with too much effort with brush are ended.

After that, big brush and casual washes of watered down colours to make puddles and have a iper matt finish.

Sorry for some fuzzy pics, but there is not too much to see on them!
I tried to leave down the belly, one leg and the main tentacle a bit black to simulate rotten parts with dead blood.
After that, lets go with sponge!
First duck egg green.

Then a mix of white and duck!
Duck egg green is very nice because it is an air colour of Vallejo, so very thinned. When you sponge it, it is going to leave a lot of small dots, extremely interesting for a textured paint result. Totally worth of it!

Ah also the horns are now full black.
This model have a huge quatity of horns, and also horns with horns (!). Furthermore it has two horns on its buttocks, and I think that despite it could be a nice defence from a Slaanesh attack for a naked monster (ha!), it could be quite difficult to sit down. Maybe this guy never sit down.

As you can see, the casual drop on the tongue is vanished, because I accidentally dropped the model on the table (5 cm of falling). Nurgle gives, Nurgle takes.

Thanks to read, next week first steps of painting: shadows, some precise wash, a pic of the buttocks with horns and much more!

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