martedì 14 novembre 2017

LXIV - Commission: Death Guard II wave, showcase

Hi you all readers!
I am arrived in the end of the second wave of the Dark Imperium Death Guard! Pigments are applied, and gloss to the trim of the bases, so they are officially finished. Oh well, Mortarion is not finished, but it is a small detail. However I think he needs a special post for himself.
Here we go!

As first pics, some detail. I rarely take those details pics but I've discovered they capture well and sometimes better the spirits if the work, much more than my horrible classical pics. I have choose those because the smiling couple is quite creepy, the drone was extremely funny to paint, the belly marine has the belly, perfect for my painting scheme, the standard bearer is one of my favourite, and the last pox has a small easter egg for the client, the little smile. I really freak out thinking this guy painting a small smile on himself with blood! WTF is he doing lol!!

And now classical pics! Pox without horns to be more human and creepy.

Marines, all converted: some of them have a rather epic pose.

The drone. I did some small mods to make him different from the other.

All the minis are converted more or less slightly to not have two equals in the army, seeing that the base is made from a pair of Dark Imperium sets.

All together!
The two waves. Here the first. The pic is under my low standard of pics, but it gives a nice general looking.

And Mortarion himself appears on ny workbench!
He is HUGE!

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