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XLVIII - Tutorial: Nurgle Humans

I am painting the blightkings so I've thought that it could be interesting to discuss with you, dear readers, how I paint them and Nurgle humans in general.
This is going to be the same painting scheme of the Glottkin two small bros, and the riders of the Maggoth Lords.

As always it is not the best way to paint them, but simply my way, hoping to be helpful. I think you can bend this to all the Nurgle humans, also for 40k. I wanted a really dirty and rusty result, so this painting scheme is going to make your miniatures a clot of dirty and rust.

Lets paint!
First I assemble all the model, I want that hidden parts stay dark.

Black primer, Zenithal white and Vallejo Duck Egg for the bases.
I've done them with airbrush but you can easily do it with two cans of primer (black and white) and drybrush the base. If you have only one primer, better to use black.

Dheneb stone -rakarth flesh- on the body: I painted in black the metal part to have an idea, but in this and next steps the black is going to be covered a bit.

My loved casual washes, with watered down scab red, camo green, bestial brown, abaddon black, and purple lich. All together of course. I do not use washes for this step because they are too much clean. If Dheneb stone is not perfectly dry is not a great problem. Put the watered down colour as you prefere.

Sponged Dheneb stone. The watered down colours of the previous step must be well dry.

Sponged Rakarth flesh and white mix, 60-40.

Shadows with umber wash and black wash in the deepest parts -or dead parts- while umber is not dry. I have passed a hand of black on metals, to make a bit of order and because they are going to be the next part done. Last some Dheneb stone and white mix (20-80) with brush to underline the tips.

Warplock bronze on metal.

Sponged mix of warplock bronze and boltgun metal 60 - 40.

Sponged boltgun on the tops.

Umber wash, then black wash plus black watered down where needed -where you like- without waiting the umber dried. I was a bit bored to wait, so I painted the grey: after a base of dark grey vallejo,  I used with the wet blending technique the black and the vallejo neutral grey. Wet blending is an amazing technique that allows you to mix colours on the minis when they are fresh. I use it quite grossly, but you can reach great results. The internet is full of amazing tutorial  of it, mine should be quite stupid.

Here the back, you can see the metal better. The washes remove a good quantity of shiny.

Rust: mix of water, baking soda, vallejo hot orange, and bestial brown.

Apply on the whole metal. The pic is a bit fuzzy because I was in hurry to do not make the mix too much, sorry.

When it is wet yet, remove with a paper towel! Be fast or the colour is going to be dry. I use paper towel because it makes the mix well dry on the miniature and often leaves some fibers on the rust, making it more messy.

Let's do some shadows with watered down bestial brown, and do some highlights on the edges with boltgun metal, then chainmail. As you can see I do not highlights everything, but only the spots I want.

Top knot: watered down carmine red, black red, and black wash. The white part is simply bleached bone and umber wash.

Bubbles: a soft wash of carmine red, then the bubbles with bleached bone.

Gore: use w&n nut brown, black and bloodforthebloodgod mixed. There is not a real rate, I apply them casually.

Last touches: yellow ink w&n to glaze the skin and give a sick feeling, splash watered down black on the miniature, somewhere gloss.

Base: first earth and grime engine of ammo mig, then some grass, and gloss on the border.

Here some other example.

For these last guys I've used chipping medium and camo green on the armour.

 Soon the whole blightkings unit showcase!
Hope you enjoy this tutorial.

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