martedì 3 aprile 2018

LXVIII - Showcase: Commission, Death Guard, third wave

Hi readers!
After a pair of months of silence,I'm here to fill a small part of the Internet with my last finished project.

Before the official presentation, I'd like to say that I'm sorry, but I got some things to do in real life and, according to the fact that I had to finish the project, I did not have nothing to tell till now.
Anyway,  here we go!

lunedì 29 gennaio 2018

LXVII - wip: third wave of Death Guard

Hi readers!
After this hiatus I'm finding some minutes to write down a small post about what I'm doing.
I'm a bit busy, so the blog thing isn't having the proper time it needs, and I'm sorry.
However the hobby is continuing to have time.
I've done some projects for this year, and the first one is to finish a third wave of the DG model I'm doing.

giovedì 7 dicembre 2017

LXVI - Showcase: Mortarion commission

Hi readers!

Today a short post about my last work, the chief of the army I'm painting for a commission, the Death Guard. Here and here the previous showcase of the two first waves of the army.

martedì 21 novembre 2017

LXV - Commission: Mortarion WIP

Hi readers!
I've finished the second wave of Death Guard, the Dark Imperium set modified and, if you read this small blog, you know that I've painted also another group without mods.
However I have also to paint this marvellous miniature, Mortarion himself!
Say hello to this handsome guy! What a charming boy!

martedì 14 novembre 2017

LXIV - Commission: Death Guard II wave, showcase

Hi you all readers!
I am arrived in the end of the second wave of the Dark Imperium Death Guard! Pigments are applied, and gloss to the trim of the bases, so they are officially finished. Oh well, Mortarion is not finished, but it is a small detail. However I think he needs a special post for himself.
Here we go!