martedì 14 febbraio 2017

XXXIX - Monster march!

Hi readers!
Short post about a great event, Monster March!
I'm going to partecipate with the Glottkin: here where you can find more infos.
It is going to be a challenge to have limited time, but I am quite fast in painting and the job is a bit started, so let's go!
Thanks to Swordmaster of .

giovedì 9 febbraio 2017

XXXVIII - Showcase: Plague Lords Magnetized

Whoaa the Plague Lords are finished!!!
I really had fun in painting this model, more than daemons, because it has all the good features that daemons have, like great quantity of flesh, horns, spikes, bubbles, teeths, fangs, trophy heads and guts, but also it has a "human" part, with different skin, armours, weapons and so on.

martedì 7 febbraio 2017

XXXVII - Review: Winsor&Newton Inks

This post is the first one of this type, a review of something, in this case some colours, the Winsor&Newton inks.
I'm always fashinated by new colours and new techniques, so I have put my eyes on those marvellous objects some months ago. I have tried to find some review or tutorial with a step by step and/or some confrontation if Winsor&Newton inks with washes, but I have never found something like that (if you have one please tell me!).

giovedì 2 febbraio 2017

XXXVI- wip: Nurgle Mortals, Maggoth Lords and (a bit of) the Glottkin

Hi readers!
This is the wip post, a kind of small journal written in more than one day, about the last two big units I have of Nurgle, the Maggoth Lords and the Glottkin. Let's end with some big boys!
Furthermore a lot of nice colours and things are arrived, and I am more excided when new colours arrive than when I have mount of miniatures.

martedì 31 gennaio 2017

XXXV - De silentio umbrae Published!

Hi readers!
I have to break my new rule of doing long post but this is worth of it.
The nice news is that is published on the golden d6 online magazine!

pics taken from the golden d6 site.