martedì 18 aprile 2017

L- The Cult of Hidden Knives: Black Blades

And then I saw him: I could really not say if he is a living being or some kind of energy with the shape of a light agile emotionless warrior. One of his obsidian blades enterend between the two plates of the armour that protect the shoulder and the neck only for a pair of seconds: the hit was so light that the bulky warrior, was not sure that he was wounded, but he realized soon that the blade was covered of poison.

The arm near of the the small cut bended backward and, due the contractions of the muscles, the neck snapped.
Meanwhile, the dark assassin was disappeared in the woods, leaving the sort of the battle doomed, having killed one of the generals.
I barely survived to that battle, and I am not convinced to have seen his emotionless metal face in the moonlight.

venerdì 14 aprile 2017

XLIX - Showcase: Nurgle Blightkings

"Rotting alive beings, suffering foes, unstoppable disease, noisy flies and crawling maggots: we need only few things to feel complete".

Hi readers!
This week I've finished the Blightkings, my last (but one?) unit of Nurgle, result achieved!
Now there is only an army of Stormcast, an army of Khorne, and some spare project to do, easy and fast (joking of course).

giovedì 13 aprile 2017

XLVIII - Tutorial: Nurgle Humans

I am painting the blightkings so I've thought that it could be interesting to discuss with you, dear readers, how I paint them and Nurgle humans in general.
This is going to be the same painting scheme of the Glottkin two small bros, and the riders of the Maggoth Lords.

As always it is not the best way to paint them, but simply my way, hoping to be helpful. I think you can bend this to all the Nurgle humans, also for 40k. I wanted a really dirty and rusty result, so this painting scheme is going to make your miniatures a clot of dirty and rust.

giovedì 6 aprile 2017

XLVII - New Things on my Table!

Hi readers!
Today a small post, but a very important one, because it is going to be a forecast of what it is going to be under my dirty brushes for a good quantity of time.
I have finished The Glottkin and the first Nurgle wave. I was quite impressed by the fact that all the model have been sold very fastly: the daemons were quite slow, but they are all disappeared with the Glottkin in one night (if I remember well, the  three bros lasted on eBay less than 24h, incredible record).

giovedì 30 marzo 2017

XLVI - Genesis of a new Project: the origin

As you can read on the title, there is something new that I want to share. Must be sincere, this is going to be a small trip from past. As you know, I am working on a small WH40K Dark Eldar warband, a small group of mercenary that simply reject to live in Commoragh and decided to live away in The Webay. The project is very nice to do, but sometimes you need to return back to your roots, and often there is something that make you have an epiphany. A new plausible future project involves dark elves,  so I felt nice to show from where I am starting.