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VII - Showcase: Chaos cultists

Showcase: Chaos cultists

Ok, now you have understand that I love to paint the bad part of Warhammer.
Painting this guys has been a challenge: how to make them real cultists? The universe is infinite, so there are so much way to paint them.

I've thought them like anonymous dirty people of an enormous dystopian hive city of the Imperium: they reveal their true nature when a chaos rebellion rise. I've thought that someone is a normal person, others are renegade soldiers, other have stolen uniforms, others are renegade warped people whose are accepted only by chaos.

I like a lot have an idea and translate it to a painting scheme!

I decided to use a classic way (for me) to paint. They are lurkers, so anonymous colors, they are not too much clean, so let's make them dirty (not too much). I think they do not use brand new guns, maybe stolen and hidden in dirty basements or dusty hovels (you know, the Imperium is not famous for his rights), so a bit of rust is necessary.
My method to make rust is very simple and very cheap (I like cheap'n'chic): soon I'll made a fast tutorial.

The basing is very simple and anonymous, because I decided to sell them and the buyer should easily accord them to his army (already sold on eBay).
One has a painted smile, it is a small citation and I think that give a weird feeling.

DGD Levels:
Dark: 2/5
Dirty: 2/5
Gory: 1/5

I've done also a small conversion to one of the chief, because I did not like that weird axe, it was too much elaborated for those minis, so I make him like an apocalypse preacher (on his back there is a gun due WYSIWYG law: I'm not a player but people yes). I use the top of a chaos banner and the bottom of an old chaos knife, two zombie hands, a zombie bell and a chaos space marine gun (the one you can glue on their belt).Probably it is one that organize blasphemous ceremony and one of the chief in a rebellion.

Hope you enjoy them: what do you think?


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