martedì 20 settembre 2016

X - Showcase: Khorne Bloodsecrator

Showcase: Khorne Bloodsecrator

Today I'll share my Khorne Bloodsecrator: finally some days ago I finished this work.
Some post ago someone advice me to  give the metal a different aspect(Thank Greg): I've tried onto another miniature very similar -I always have some bad miniatures that I use for experiments- but I decided not to apply to this boy because the metal is thin and the results was not what I were imagining. However this idea is very interesting for other mini like Space Marines or some Eldar(it is not casual that I say Eldar) .

A little consideration: dear GW, I'm a bit old customer (not too much) and I clearly remember that Khorne's arms are AXES. Big, small double triple etc, but axes. It is not acceptable that bloodletters (have this strange name) uses swords. Probably axes and swords, but not only swords. I remember probably old miniatures had swords, but I'm the first person that think that not ever old=good.

After this small nerd rage, here the mini: I decided to give him two options and, of course, it is on eBay! Look in the Page "dirty businness" if you can not find him.
DGD levels:
Dark: 2/5
Dirty :2.5/5
What do you think?

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