venerdì 20 gennaio 2017

XXXIII - Showcase: Nurgle Drones

In these days I've painted the three Nurgle Drones, the last chapter of the daemons part of the Nurgle wave that hits my hobby desk in December. I've not done a wip simply because I did not find a meaning for it, the drones were "almost painted" for a while, so I've thought "why do a wip, they are almost finished" and so on. Well now they are really finished, and, I am happy to say that the daemonic part of the nurgle miniature I got is ended.

Do not misunderstand, I love paint Nurgle, but I am not a person that paint a full army, so it is quite weird to paint so much similar miniatures in the same time: it is the same feelings I had painting the Skitarii (well those pics disappeared make me sad yet, I where quite proud of that work).

All the daemons are on sales: if you are interested, more info here!
So here we go!

I wanted a particular rotten flies, so I decided to make the end of the abdomens a bit more black: I wanted them more "daemonic", so green eyes: they have a more intelligent look than the daemons ahaha!
I am quite proud about the rust, I made it fastly, but the result is nice imho.

Skins of the flies is little different in wash from the daemons, I used only black, brown and bestial brown in washes, despite all the colours I use for nurgle painting.
Daemons are the classical plaguebearers, but with more pustules.
here some details!

Hope you enjoy it, next are the Maggot lords!

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