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XLIII - Wip: The Glottkin, Monster March, II week

Second week of Monster March! I should be at half of the total work, but I think that I have done less than it. Well let's see the job. This monster is the last of the Nurgle Wave that touches my table in december. You can easily see all the Nurgle things searching on this blog.
I have a pair of new project to do, but I am going out the path. The Glottkin now.

First of all, a recap of all the steps:
-first week: assembling, priming, brainless painting (preparations for the real painting);
- second week: largest parts and all the part with their base colours at least;
- third week: details and finish;
- fourth week: everything it is missing.

I think that the fourth week is going to be dedicated to the two smaller brother: this model is very big damn, and the two small brother are the rotten cherry on the cake of.. better don't know of what is made a Nurgle cake!

First, I painted a bit the Bubbles. I have seen some pics of bubbles etc. on the Internet (do not do some search.. what you have seen could not be unseen...) and I've found some nice bubbles that where white-cream (full of pus) and with the skin near red. I decided to do the biggest part of them in this way.
The model is full of bubble, maybe I'll search again some black plague bubbles to add more variety.

Here a pic that I really like, because there is most of my way of painting Nurgle daemons and beasts.
You can see textured paint, bubbles, different and caual washes, puddles of colours, and a "dotty" painting on the arm, given by sponge. I'm very proud of it! Ah the pics is less green (also the next) than reality: I'll never be able to understand the magic in the pics, however the real tone is the one in the upper pic (and in the ones with the full body).

And here the promised butt pic, with its horns that make the sitting uncomfortable but I think it is the last of your problem when you are one of the choosen by Nurgle.

Here we are quite ahead: I have painted fangs, the mouthy arm, added a bit of gore on the belly mouth (this guys is full of mouths) and glossed some horns. also I have added a bit of gore. This is how I am approaching this guys: I am not painting all the bubbles, than all the horns, and so on, but a bit of horns, a bit of bubbles, a bit of gore etc. and then I restart the cycle. In this way I can have a better idea of what it is going to be, and I do not be bored of the hundreds of horns or tons of bubbles. It is a bit time consuming, bit for this guy I have more fun in this way.

Here all the horns are almost finished, I painted the tongue of the arm: the black and white primer helps a lot, I have only added some watered down reds, and the primers did all the jobs. I think that I'll add some wash to it, then it will be a web of saliva and blooooooood!

There are also a good number of strange bubbles that I tried to make like eyes like GW: the result is not too much bad, but I have to improve. A said, they are not all done, I'll return on them soon. I've painted the dress in red to recall the red of the naked muscles on the back (I have interpreded those parts like muscles) and logically it is not finished. I have no idea how to paint the symbol of Nurgle. I think I'm going to paint it simply in red.
The W&N inks are amazing for skulls and glossy finish!

This model is Huge, and there is a lot of things to do.
Next week base, splashed colours, metals, other details and maybe I'll start one of the smaller bros. Stay tuned!

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