martedì 21 novembre 2017

LXV - Commission: Mortarion WIP

Hi readers!
I've finished the second wave of Death Guard, the Dark Imperium set modified and, if you read this small blog, you know that I've painted also another group without mods.
However I have also to paint this marvellous miniature, Mortarion himself!
Say hello to this handsome guy! What a charming boy!

I'm using the same painting scheme of the rest of the army.

The problem is that this guy has an enormous robe and paint it all of an intense blue as the other smaller guys should be too much - a leg of this giant is longer than a marine!-.
I decided to give a different hue to the blue, more grim, using also some glazing (well not in the GW terms, but the technique that uses very watered down colours in thin layers) added to the wet blending.
The model is very complex but luckily I had not to do some sub assembly, that I deeply hate.
I think that I'll add some colours, more than the other miniatures: he is the chief!

The customer want to paint himself the base, but it is not a problem, I like the idea of a shared work.

There is a lot to do. The rust is too much orange, and most of every should be finished (using an almost all white/clear base colour underlines the errors), but I am quite happy till now.

Thanks to read!

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