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LXIII - Commission: Death Guard II wave, Wip

Hi readers!
I'm alive, sorry for the lack of post.
I'm working on the second part of the Death Guard project, a great commission of 40k goryness.
The work proceed not too much fast, but steady, due also other things in life -out-the-hobby.
However, I managed to finish all the pox (surprise for the showcase post!), the marines converted, I am at a good point of the drone and I started to assembly the big one, Mortarion himself.
Here we go!

As you remember, the second part of this DG project is simply another wave of the Dark Imperium DG set, without the three principal heroes.
I decided with the customer that it was top much boring to have the same space marines, the same poxes and the same drone, so I modified all of them to have some nice variations.
The customer gave me all the freedom, so I invented all the mods, except that he wanted one marine as a standard bearer, and I gladly did it. Here the marine that I completed last. All of them has not the base pigments, that I am going to add when also the drone is going to be finished. Most of them have some epic pose that I really like. Here the guys near the original model.

Also the drone is slightly converted, and it is what is mainly under my attention. The lateral fans are painted then glued.

And here the big boy, Mortarion.
The model is huge, a leg is taller than a marine! We decided to remove most of the useless frills, like smoke, cherubins, chains and balls, to have a cleaner model, that seems less a big flying pixie. 
The details are incredible, but Imho they are too much, so I removed some of them, and the model seems more grim. Sometimes less is more! The customer decided that he is going to do the base, so I 'll send the model painted without it.

Hope you like so far!

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