giovedì 19 ottobre 2017

LXII - Commission: II wave of Death Guard, wip

Hi readers!
Gladly I have to paint another group of the great Death Guard for the same army, here posted if interested.
I am frankly happy that the customer is satisfyied by the I wave to continue in expanding the army.
Luckily he is giving me the best balance in hints and freedom, making the work very smooth. He had the idea of the painting scheme, and I realized it in my way, making happy all of us.

For the II wave I proposed to modify all the models, to not have perfectly identical miniatures.

Luckily he gives me total freedom and I decided to remove to the poxwalkers all the horns and add more crusts. Here the pals with the base colours on.

Also, I managed to modify all the Space Marines.
I focused to leave all the bellies free, without bolters to cover them, because they are the best part to paint in the colour scheme decided. Here pics with the original and painted ones.
Also I mixed some bits of the Blightkings and a zombie arm to the guys, to make them more interesting.
There are something to do, but the main ideas is finished. Some pics are blurry, but you can understand easily the result.

Also the drone is slightly converted.

Last I have to paint Mortarion!!!!!! I can't wait but it is going to be the last of this part.

It is going to be the first Primarch to me, and I very excited: painting big nurgle models (here and here some example) it is challenging but very funny!

Stay tuned for more Nurgle things!

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