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LXI - Tutorial: Skeletons and bones

Hi readers!
It's been a while since I posted something, however here we go, with a new post, a tutorial about Skeletons and bones.

As you know, my gory attitude is quite strong, so generally I paint skulls and bones ( the most common gadgets in WH40K and AoS) simply with some white and covered them with blood, like fresh fruits peeled off (uhm, quite grim also for my standard).

Sometimes I paint some dried skulls but nothing worth of mention. Recently, I've seen the new Shadespires bands and the skeleton one is pretty nice, despite their too much dynamic poses. This make me want to try to paint some skeletons, so I bought some of them and I decided to paint them very simply.

As always, this is not the best way to paint skeletons, but my way I'd like to share, hoping to be helpful. I've found painting those guys very relaxing, probably because they are very simple. If you've already read one of my tutorials, you know that I prefere give generic ideas than precise rules, in my style.

The idea is that they are quite old skeletons, with pieces of shrouds, added with some pieces of green stuff  that flies in the same way of the original pieces of tissue, some less cartoony swords, cutting them with knife, simple round shields, no helmets (they have a too much goofy taste to me, and the skull is the wider area of bone to paint), rusty metal and a bit of liquid green stuff to add texture.

First of all, double zenithal primer, that gives a dramatic feeling, and also it is a great base to paint for those guys. Must say that I am always tempted to leave the minatures in this way, I really love that b&w. Sorry for the different background, I was at my airbrush place. You can reach the same result with two cans of primer.

Now, always zenithally, vallejo bonewhite, to cover all the white primer and a bit of black. You can use watered down cream white (do not know names..) with some glazing.

Now you ought see a bit of black: use umber wash to cover it, using it like a glazing, not putting it randomly. Do also some spot somewhere, to add variety.

Now you have to add some different shadows and spots with a slightly glossy finish, and I use Windsor and Newton nut brown ink. I love those inks, they are very similar to the old GW inks, but more easy to manage. Here my review if you want.

Now you can use bonewhite or your cream white colour to make better lights. Try to preserve the spots and if you can,underline them.

Same with a bit of white.
Put pure black in the very down parts of the skeletons to underline the dramatic feeling. I use very thinned and few white, my skeletons should be dirty.

Now the shrouds: black. Black clothes are going to pop the white of the bones-and I love black and grey-.
Vallejo dark grey with a bit of black (80% dark grey, 20% black). I added black to metals.

Vallejo neutral grey with wet blending (added when dark grey is wet).

Some decorations with neutral grey then fortress grey and some black lines if wanted. I really loved in the Lotr The Return Of The King the entry of the Dimholt with its primitive and scary graffiti so, I tried to do very simple and primitive decorations with that inspiration (despite they are very different).

Metal! Warplock bronze and leadbelcher when warplock is wet.

Dried them, wash of umber wash.

Mix baking soda,water and bestial brown, add it.

Remove the biggest part with a paper towel.

Add some ammo mig streaking rust effect. I LOVE this effect then a bit of vallejo hot orange, be careful that it is slightly glossy and we want glossy only if necessary. Here the colours are still wet.

A bit of leadbelcher and chainmail on the tops (pic missing, sorry, you can see it in the final result).
Now flip your finger on a brush with some watered down black to add random spot, and same with nut ink.

Add some ammo mig engine grime and earth to the sand: the white is going to make the lights, then a bit of grass if needed. I do not add grass to all the minis of a squad because a perfect rythm it gives to me a not natural effect.

As you can see, they are pretty dirty and dramatic!

Finished! Hope you enjoyed it!

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