venerdì 9 dicembre 2016

XXVII - Genesis of a New Project: grey issue and thoughts

Hi readers!
Second post about the new project I am working on, for those that have never heard of it, I am working on a new painting scheme for Dark Eldar, trying to make quite unique models with meshing up and modifying them.
I started it because I were in a down moment of the hobby, so returning on my comfort zone (dark eldar) with a project that I must confess, I dreamed about it about several years ago, restart the hobby engine.
The today's post's about the working on of it, with some thoughts and progress.

The grey scale has been something that I always tried to do in some way, but the result were always horrible, annoying and full of pain. I painted layers and layers (and layers) of several nuances of grey, and the result were a kind of miniature almost equal to a sprue miniature without painting. Good, great effort to reach nothing.

However some month ago I entered the world of airbrush so I decided to buy some airbrush colours (WAAAAAY better than water down colours, that clog the airbrush and it is not always perfect: must say, I love DIY, but sometimes you need that specific weapon to fight)  and try it.

The result is a grey bases for all the mini, with wash and metal with brush.
Also, I love flat and monotonous bases, so I decided to do them this way.
The first step were the miniature in the last post. But.

There were something that does not convice me, the metallic colours, so I removed them, quite simple.

I have never used such a radical palette, the real colours (agrellan earth for bases and warpstone glow for the sigil are not counted) are very few, 9, and it is a great challenge to not give a too much monotonous look at the miniature.

Logically I am not arrived at the result I want: I am trying now to reach a 80%-90% of it, for example, the monotonous feeling is not "completely" removed or, as I see it completely removed.

Also, I did some mistakes on the bases, I must use natural sand, the sand-mix-with-paint-that-is-not-GW's-but-similar-and-cheaper has a very horrible finish, and the extreme light are  too much approximate. However I always thought that paint the small moss could be interesting and simple if done with airbrush, and I think that using natural fibers help the colour to grip, but maybe with a good primer you can make everything grip.

 For the bases I used some umber wash to give a different nuances to the grey. I wonder if with other wash I can give some interesting shading, but maybe it could become too much colourful.

This last miniature is a scratchbuild Dark Eldar. I think that a common thing of my new wave of DE is that flat face that I lovely give to them. Logically it is a wip, and the scratch are not very nice, but I think it is a progress from the first one.

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