lunedì 11 settembre 2017

LVIII - Commission: Showcase, Death Guard

"Amongst rust and corruption, death and life aren't different. Embrace Father Nurgle, to die now, and to live eternally."

Hi readers!
Sorry for the lack of post, but I got something out the hobby to do, furthermore I was finishing this commission, so I prefered to post a showcase later than more than two wips sooner. However here we go, I finished those dirty guys, the top of my painting till now in weathering and rust.

With the customer, we decided to try to have pre heresy DG painting scheme twisted by the touch of father Nugle and time in the Eye of Terror.
 The space marine are white with weathering, and an heavy rust on all the metal parts.
I used a mix of colours, water and baking soda to add texture to the rust, and it seems quite real.

The drone is great to paint, and basing on background, I put it on a puddle where it is blowing up the filthy liquid to shoot it.

The bases are blue to create contrast with the orange of the rust, and I muted a a bit it with pigments -with a small hue of red to call the rust-, and all the dress are blue to call the base and add contrast. Generally I use natural colours but this time it was very fun to paint blue and orange!

However if in one hand some effects are quite natural, I decided to give a "subtle" not natural feeling, like a strong orange for the rust, and the blue and brown of the bases.

The weathering gives its best result on flat surfaces and the drone had a lot of them.

The pox are my classic rotten walking corpses, luckily the only hint by the customer was "I want them disgusting": that is a great customer with cool taste!

The weathering, rust, blood and mutations make them like white angels corrupted, and that's what I wanted: the blue add a insane touch.
As said this is my way to see a painting scheme seen by the customer in the internet.

At the end, I'm frankly happy because I like the result, hope you like them despite slightly different from my works!

Stay tuned for the next project!!

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