martedì 27 giugno 2017

LV - Showcase: Stormcast eternals army 3/3

The thunders roared, the night were enlighted by holy bolts whom touched the ground with a precise pattern. Garaz'nath stopped for few seconds its arrogant walking: also for a ruthless and experienced warrior like him, the sight of those dark masks in the lights of the storm could leave him a bit more careful about his life.

Hi !
Here we go, the Stormcast Eternals army in its full matt shiny finish!
Here you can find the showcase of the single units and the turorial.
Part 1/3
Part 2/3

I've taken pics with different background, hoping to have at least some nice shots.
Paint those miniatures takes a lot of time because I did not had too much time and also I was in a downward part of the hobby and I prefere not paint than paint awfully (for my standards).

However I really like those guys, they give a very nice visual impact all together. I've noticed now I 've used red, when generally it is used for the Khorne's part of this box that I have to do: I promise I'll not paint them in blue lol.

The homogenous clear and matt gold makes them like a a kind of wall of metal, and the black and Zenithal lights make them serious.
The red pops well imho, and also the bases are quite nice despite simple.

They are going to be sold on the second part of July.
Now I got to paint the other side of the starter box but my friends, I put my hands on the NEW NURGLE SPACE MARINES (!!!!!!!)  and frankly  I'm EXCITED to paint them. I think that Khorne should wait a bit, Nurgle calls and you know that it is hard to me not to listen.
Stay tuned for disgusting miniatures (maybe another tutorial, I have to think about it).

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