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XXVIII - An old DGD classic revamped: Huge Nurgle Wave

Hi readers!
Today a post about something that should happen: a wave of rotting, bloody, dirty and disgusting miniature is arrived and frankly there were months that I was not so excited about the hobby! Hooray!
In my died blog, these kind of miniatures were very frequent (dirty, gory...), so it is the first new project that is in the line of the dead blog: so a revamp!

In my story of the hobby, this is the biggest buy in one shot and I do not believe I have done it.
It was a good deal on eBay so I decided to buy them.
Luckily I have sold the Imperial Knight, so I could use the money earned in this big project. It is very hard, but I try to keep the balance of the hobby in positive or on the zero, and selling that big guy really helped. Hope to paint well these guys, enjoy them, and maybe sell them and restart the cycle, the new  Sylvaneth are quite interesting... but come on, if you want to do not spare money, one project (or two) till the end, then another one.

So here the new guys! Horrible pics but in this case nothing of important to see, only some thoughts.

Some marvellous Plaguebearers!

Drones! I love drones on the guitar, and these guys are a dream that I had about painting. I have some ideas with them!

Nurglings: how can you make them like a wave of vomited rheum? Stay tuned to discover it.

Some AoW and kromlech miniatures. Never painted them, but damn, they are incredibly cool! The aow is not usable because a lot of important pieces are not in the box but maybe I could create something, let's see.

The beautiful three weird three brothers, landscape of dirty and rust!

And last, the weird name boys!Lovely. Maybe if it is going to be possible, I'll magnetize the riders.

Well this is the result of a crazy buy on the internet: I want to paint them and I think that it is going to pass some weeks/months till I finish all these things.

I think also to revamp the old dead tutorial of Nurgle, one of the most read on the old blog and, frankly, one of the best I have ever done I suppose.

Clearly the grey DE project is not going to die, I have a nice box of DE Warriors ready to be paint and so on, but dirty miniatures are dirty miniatures, so here we go.

So I started glueing some of these guys.
The Kromlech spawns are very nice, and the resin is without fails (... incubus...).
I have never painted a not gw miniature except some old miniatures of Confrontation A LOT of years ago and now it is easy to see the differences on style etc.
Those miniatures are however beautiful and I am not going to convert them, but to distinguish each other I put some maggots/nurglings in the base and I'll try to paint them in different way.
I glued also the nurglings and they are very funny to see with that style, they seems they are doing some stupid faces and poses with a strange protagonism in a pic.
Last I also started the cool plaguebearers. They are the second unit in my painter life but the proof of it is lost in the Webway but let's not think about it.

I decided to convert a bit the campion, I wanted one loved by Nurgle, so I added him a nice arm and a little brother on the head.
It is going to be finished with green stuff or something.
So here the first steps' result: nurglings, Plaguebearers and spawns with double primer and the first hand of colours, drone glued during the time that the colours dry.

Painting a good amount of miniatures is very nice, cause you can see the army taking shape and damn, I am liking them too much. Next post some other steps I think, and I am trying to do some decent pics to do another Nurgle tutorial, not only because it was one of the most read on the old blog, but also because it is one of the funniest and relaxing colour scheme to do.

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