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XIX - Tutorial: blood drops

Tutorial: how to create Blood drops

If your blog's name is DarkGoryDirtyWarhammer you cannot start without a post about blood drops!

I've seen a lot of tutorial about this technique but everybody uses hairs to make the drops: sometimes I sell
my miniature on ebay and I think it is not hygienic (and also a bit morbid) sell miniatures attaching a bit
of my dna.

So this is my recipe to hygienic blood drops.


GW blood for the blood god (BFTBG)

Dunno why blogger put this photos in this way.
first of all you've to glue pieces of fishing wire on the piece of sprue: I keep piece of sprues, they are very useful for a lot of tasks. It is better that the pieces are longer than you want due the fact that they are more simple to use.

then you've to dip the pieces of wire into the pot of BFTBG. I drag them in the spout.

Last leave them dry without let them drop.

Cut them and glue them into you miniature.

Put them on the edges for a natural look and, if you want, you can put a little puddle of blood under it.


- you see them with a tip that does no fit, cut it.
-  you want bigger drops, you should repeat step 1,2,3
- you want darker ones, when drops dry, use black to highlight the "holes" then apply gloss varnish
- you want "brownier" drops -like dirty blood or old (my beloved) zombie blood, add some black to
BFTBG (logically you'll not  drag the wire into the pot) then apply gloss varnish or use (my beloved and rare)
chestnut ink (ooooold) with BFTBG.

This is all for now if you want an help or you have any suggestion or idea, please comment here!

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