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XVIII - Tutorial: death undergrowth

Tutorial: how to create Death Undergrowth

In this tutorial I'll show how to make an insane undergrowth. I think that the base is very useful to give a flavour and atmosphere to you miniatures.

This is a very fast technique, using things that you'll easily find at home.

Tea of bad quality
Tea of middle quality
Vinylic glue
UHU glue
Horrible brush
Egagropili (Posidonia Oceanica)

Wait, whati is Egagrothing? Egagropili are small balls of kelp (Posidonia Oceanica) that you can find at the seaside.
They are simple to find, free and funny to use (and you can paint them, dipping them into colours with a much water added).

To create the shrubs, you have to pinch the egagropili with your clippers and put a drop of UHU glue on the bottom, and If you
want dry shrub, paste them on the base, if you want to give them a different nuance, paste them on a plastic plate and spill
a mix of a lot of water (7/10) and colour (3/10).

After that, you can glue pieces of cork to create irregular stones. I paint them with a secret colour (a fantastic black that needs a whole post) or in other way (I advise black/brown/grey/green mixed colours).

Then you should mix the type of tea and a bit of fiber of egagropili (optional). I use a tea that has some coloured pieces, to give irregularity: remember, for this effects, irregularity is the key.

After, you simply use this mix as sand for basing.

If you want to give a wet effect, after the drying of the tea, you can pass a layer of 1/2 of water and 1/2 of vinylic glue, and your Undergrowth is going to see wet like after rain.

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