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XII - Showcase: Dark Eldar Raider

Showcase: Dark Eldar Raider

Hi to all of you, DGD readers! I hope that Our twisted army is growing!
Anyway, you have already seen a pair of my favourite miniatures, my beloved Dark Eldar here.
Today, I'll show my first veicle (ever!!) of The Kabal of The Astonishing Void.
It was a pain to do without an airbrush (I want one, but I do not want one hehehehe) and some parts are not finished because sometimes, when a miniature starts to bore me, I take a pause and then I finish it when the desire reappears.
I use this politics also to the whole hobby: sometimes I paint day by day, then I stop from a bit (till now, pauses from 1 day to 15 years happen!!!).
However, voilà my Dark Eldar Raider.

As you can see there are a pair of conversions and kitbash.
I do not use the "blind helmet" on troops on foot because it is for me the helmet for riders, so it is like a biker walking with his helmet in.
I used one of the hand of the rider on a Kabalite warrior (you can see in the link above): it is perfect to keep a severed head with its fingers into the eye socket so I decided to give to the rider a gun, picturing that he rides the Raider and shoots nonchalantly.

The body of the shooter is perfect for a quiet and threatening pose (used also it in the Kabalite in the link above). So I used a body of the crew and I create an handhold (gory handhold logically) and I use a guitar string to connect the "joystick" to the Dark Lance. I like that pose, it is quiet and arrogant, he seems he is thinking "well lets shoot that annoying bulky coarse Marine because I can and I've nothing better to do".

I decided to not put the crew because someone of them becomes a regular Kabalite and I do not want to change the beautiful line of the Raider.

What do you think?

Next post is going to be a tutorial worthy of this blog!

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