martedì 20 settembre 2016

XIII - Showcase: Hellpit Abomination

Showcase: Hellpit Abomination

Today I'll show you a big boy, a Skaven Hellpit Abomination. I've sold him (him???) on eBay last month, and it has been veeeeery funny to paint.
The advice that I can give to you if you decide to paint this monster, is to mix colours and technique because for this big model, it is easy to make an anonymous work. It is a big rat that lives with other rats in disgusting place, so it is impossible that his skin could be soft and pink.
Ah, if you want to make different parts with different colours, use the great quantity of cuts and scars to interrupt the colours: in this way it is simple fast and natural.
I also used many little mouses that you can find into the box because I wanted to give the idea that those little rats are eating a bit the Hellpit (but he doesn't care, he his too much big and badass).

Do not understimate the power of glossy finishing, the contrast with the matt one is very interesting: however we are going do face this issue sooner or later.

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