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V - Chatting about blogging: big money!

Chatting about blogging: big money!

Hi readers!
Today a small post about blogging: clearly the title is a bit ironic!
As you already know, I like a lot talking about small horrible minis, but also about numbers and statistics.

Recently you have read something about our beloved hobby, id est the fact that maybe it is becoming slowly less "alive". Clearly we do not have the official GW datas about sales and stuff, so I tried to investigate using the "popularity" of our favourite games on the internet, using the nice instrument provided by Google called Google Trends.
The post arose some interesting discussions (check the comments and join the discussion if you want), and weirdly (or not) that post fastly become one of the favourite posts of my short blogging life - and this make me very proud-! If you have missed it, check it out here!

Some week ago I decided to share also some interesting imho datas of my blog, looking the great quantity of indicators that Google Analytics gives free to us to analyze our blog. Generally I'm not interested in great volumes of data: I prefere to share my work and hoping that it is useful to somebody, so analyzing those data is a great way to understand if people is interested in your job, if "you are doing right", and also the behaviour of them on your blog.
 Most of all of us is genuinely interested in sharing without thinking to sell something,so not interested in maximizing the number of sessions etc., but I love investigate in numbers, so those things are interesting to see in my opinion. Here the link if you want to know!

And now the last step of my thinking: is it possible to monitize something with your blog?
Bloggers have discussed about this, one above all the great Thor from Creative Twilight here (I did not thanks you on your blog for a matter of time, so thanks now).
I decided to try to do something, giving me some constrains: first I'm blogging for fun, not to maximize my profit function: this means not to become crazy if I'm not going to achieve great result. Second I decided to do not upset my blog: I do not like big banner and stuff that make my blog slow and heavy, and your reading difficult.

I decided to try AdSense, but it seems that it does not work, I do not know why: the area of the banner is ok, but I cannot see it, and it is quite annoying! If you know what I'm doing wrong, tell me, I'll be glad for your help!

Lastly I decided to use the eBay Partner Network. You already know I sell some works on eBay (check it if you want!): I also buy some minis there, because I like the low price, and if you are careful you can find a lot of interesting bids, so, if in one hand I can gain something, on the other hand it is also a nice service that I can give to you. Therefore I decided to try also with it!

So up on your left you can find some link to different eBay: I really do not know why there is the symbol of broken image link near them, if you know, tell me please!

If you are interested, they are already set on some search on the site, the click is free, and I hope you'll help me to become billionaire! Just joking, I'm very curious about those instrument, so if you want click on it, and I promise to give you reports about this (so you'll decide to use them on your blog or not!) and more DGD minis bought with those money of course!

Any thought about those things?

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