lunedì 29 gennaio 2018

LXVII - wip: third wave of Death Guard

Hi readers!
After this hiatus I'm finding some minutes to write down a small post about what I'm doing.
I'm a bit busy, so the blog thing isn't having the proper time it needs, and I'm sorry.
However the hobby is continuing to have time.
I've done some projects for this year, and the first one is to finish a third wave of the DG model I'm doing.

This time I have a small mountain of power armour, some termies, the cataphractii boys, the tank and another drone. All nice things to paint!!!

The work is going slow and steady.
I've almost finished the cataphractii, and I'm working on some marine and the tank. The tank is great to paint but it neets a lot of time.

I've magnetize almost everything, it is going to be a quite big job, luckily the painting scheme is funny and nice to me. The schyte cataphractii  (I cannot remember the names..) are slightly converted. I wanted the bellies free because they are the largest part to paint, and largest parts are ok with the streaking painting scheme I'm using. One of them has a part of tentacle on the schyte,  so I modified it to have a small friend on it. There are some details to do and the heavy rust, but they are almost finished.

Hope you enjoy them and if you want, you can see all the last parts of the commission some post ago. I know, I've to tidy up the blog, sorry!

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