sabato 24 giugno 2017

LIV - Showcase: Stormcast eternals army 2/3

Hi readers!!
I'm alive, do not worry about! Life out hobby issues (that are going to continue), and a small lack of willing in painting make me to spent a lot of time to paint this army, that is not so bad to paint, but the results arrive only now.
However, here the last guys, the big bros, the flying bros and the chief bro.

For these units I decided to use a good amount of red, because in my mind high quantity of red means higher importance (this is the key of the army).

The three guys here were very nice to paint, I really like their helmets and masks.

The chief has also a good quantity of black/grey, too much red is not my cup of tea.
I decided to paint the lizard in a dark red, to make it homogenous to the army.

The winged guys were a kind of battle: first the parchments are too much thin imho, and for a painter like me that touch only the base when paints, it was a bit annoying. Second those damn wing were very boring to paint, luckily the result i quite nice.

Thanks to read and soon the army shoots (or family portrait), I've already caught the pics.
Those guys are going to be sold but I think that I'm going to put them on eBay at the end of July, stay tuned if interested!

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