lunedì 18 settembre 2017

LIX - The Cult of The Hidden Knives: the Hidden Knife

No one in The Cult of the Hidden Knife could be named the Hidden Knife: only the top of the hierarchy -or supposed top, if there is one- can have the honour to be named in a such way.

It is not clear if the Hidden Knife is powerful as said, but he seems to be the hidden blade that all the other assassins know that is going to stab them, if they are not loyal to each of his orders. To threat such strong throats cutters, you ought be poweful, or there should be laws written or not that bound the assassins to its willing.

The Hidden Knife takes name from the Cult itself: he should be an ancient and mighty assassin, the only one -maybe- that could gives orders to the other assassins. There are probably other dogmas of the Cult that bend the assassins to his willing, or maybe we find in him leadership because we do not understand the complexity behind the cult, however till now we only know that it is better not to be under his attention.

The Cult of The Hidden Knives is an organization of assassin that pursues its mysterious purposes with ruthless precision and efficiency. Someone says that the birth of the Cult has its roots absorbed in the Eons,  in times that probably should not be remembered. However, few knows about the existence of the Cult, and fewer talk about it without lowering their voice, and becoming wary of it.

This time there is not too much to tell: I love this miniature and I decided to buy it, adding its ageless style to my group of assassins. I added a mask to him to make him a bit more homogenous with the others, but nothing I cannot remove if I want. I love too much this miniature to modify it. His standing, in contrast with the moving poses of the other assassins, makes him a natural leader.

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