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LIII - Showcase: Stormcast eternals army 1/3

Hi readers!
Sorry for the lack of post but in these last weeks I was in a downward spiral of the hobby wave, so I painted very few things and I had nothing to show you. I started fast the Stormcast Eternals army project painting the two units of Liberators in a week or two and doing the tutorial, then I begun the guy with the standard -well you already know I cannot learn the names, please be patient- and I finished it some days ago. My idea was to show all the army but with this rithm maybe next year I'll be ready lol.

I decided to post a partial showcase to see if it can help me to find the energy to finish this army. I do not know you, but if I have not the mood to paint, I do not paint, first because it is a hobby, so nothing of compulsory, then because the result are horrible. During this posting, I feel the good mood growing so maybe I'll finish those guys fast. Maybe. However all those guys have been painted in the few times the mood was good so I am pretty satisfied.
Here we go!
The first unit of Liberators: nothing to say, they are straight from the tutorial I posted.

I really like the glossy black, also because it is more shiny than the gold.

Red was made with a simple wet blending with some vallejo red, like black red, carmine red and a bit of neutral grey and black. I did not put some lateral pics because the miniatures weirdly disappear in that pose. Gw made this miniatures very cool, but a bit bidimensional from certain point of view.

  And here the second unit!

 Probably for eBay -yes also this guys are going to be sold, I have no heart- I'll do some lateral pics to be correct, but here I can avoid them.

Here the guy with its talkative friend! I painted the candles in a slightly different red to make them pop up. As said the red and the glossy black are going to underline the status of the miniature, the more they have, the most they are powerful.

Again this miniature in front is incredibly 3d-ish, but in the lateral view disappear. Mystery of the gw.

All the friends together, ready to wait their buds to smash some chaos head with their gorgeous hammers. As you can see the painting scheme is quick and dirty, I wanted a nice result in few time. Ah then it hits the down of the hobby but it is another story!

I like how red somewhere pop up, and I hope you like everything so far. Comment and critics are always welcome of course.

Next post is going to be the showcase of the rest of the army, and then some army shoot! 

Have you seen the new starter set of 40k??? Clearly yes, you all sci-fi addicted! Well the Nurgle miniatures must pass under my brushes so I hope to finish stormcast and the khorne army, sell them and buy the starter! I also had some weird ideas about the space marines in the box, I'm very interested on the new bigger ones. However now I have a lot to do before them.

Last but not the least the great Michael from St Andrews Wargaming published an interview (!) of me (!!!) on its marvellous blog: check the blog (not for my interview, but for the tons of articles and also the collection of bloggers' interviews: I'm the #39 so there is a lot to read, also historical and mythical bloggers!!!) , it is worth of it. 

Thank you Michael, also for your work for the community. Must say he said some nice word about my work -and also the comments are very nice, thank you- and I really blushed a bit! 

Thanks to read!

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