sabato 5 novembre 2016

XXV - Showcase : Imperial Knight with black background

Well I am still alive! In this period I am in a downward spiral of the hobby: I have not posted anything because simply I have not painted anything. It is quite annoying, and I have something to paint, but they are not what I'd like to do: furthermore, I have no idea of what paint so I am not buying nothing. Maybe some Nurgle thing are on my mind, but I am not completely satisfied.
However I have caught some new pics of the imperial knight, here for you!

The black background are a chimera that I am following for too much time and luckily now I have caught some days ago some pics that are quite nice.
Is it better on black or on white background? Well I really do not know!

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  1. Hi! Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your work. I am sorry to hear you are having trouble finding new inspiration. I recently started playing Mordheim again and it has set my imagination running wild. It's so liberating to just sit down and build whatever I feel like at the moment. No 40K squads, transports, restrictions etc...

    I have been building and painting about one new model every 1-2 days.

    I strongly suggest a "change of scenery." Try a new game - something smaller? Try INQ28, or Mordheim, Necromunda etc. etc. It really opens up whole new horizons!

    Also, I would always stick with a black background...

    1. Hi Charles!
      I am very happy to read you here, simply because I am gaining of inspiration in blog like your: the meticulous research of the right detail, the plot behind the model, the individual concept of the miniature! This is not my way of doing the hobby -maybe it is the key-, but it is very inspirating, so I probably simply take these idea, and put them in something mine (I tried it with the space scum project, but now I need something new!). I hope to create something, and yes, a kind of change is necessary!
      However, keep on doing your amazing miniatures, they are a great inspiration, and thanks a lot for your interesting and help: you and the community are helping me a lot with your magnificent works, I have only to lurk on your blogs!

      The black background is terrible: I reached those minimal result with a black drape, two cold led lamps, a carton box modified with paper to create a lightbox! Then some effect with the app of the smartphone (I am such a horrible photographer)!