Hi readers!
Here my  tutorial, hoping you are going to like them. These are ideas to share, not the best way to paint, but how I do some things.

All those tutorials are clearly free to read: if you want to buy something on eBay, you can use the link on your  right -not only my things, everything using those links-: in this way eBay is going to give to me some commissions -without augment the price to you of course-. Thanks!


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  1. Please make available (again) your excellent tutorial on painting plague bearers!

    1. Hi! That was one of my favourite one: as soon as I'll paint some Nurgle things, I'm going to do the tutorial. Thanks, sorry for the trouble and keep on reading!

    2. Hi! Sorry for the late answer, the Nurgle tutorial is online, and also a new one about Nurgle! Thanks.

  2. Hey,

    I would love if you could create a tutorial for some painting with only one colour. I mean, I am going to receive a lot of minis (I also have a lot of minis) and on of the next one is going to receive Mythic Battles and since I cannot paint them all (I am terrible painter) I was thinking of some sort of mono colour to them all - since they are greek I was thinking painting like a statue? Bronze? Marble or something like that? I thought asking you because you have some stormcast mostly in grey and dark elf. Do you have any thoughts or tutorial or images so I can see?

    Thank you for your time

    1. Thanks to have written here!
      Till now I have not do any tutorial about monochromatic painting scheme, but it is a nice idea! However here some humble hints:
      Bronze: cool idea, a base of warplock bronze, drybrush leadbelcher, then umber wash, a bit of black wash in the darker parts and lastly you can study the real bronze statues to add verdigris that is amazing!
      Another idea is to paint them in a monochromatic black and white way: and extremely easy way is to put black primer, then zenithal grey primer very softly, black wash and edges with light grey (then a small wash of umber wash, to do not give a plastic feeling). Then you can paint some very small details with a powerful shocking colour, like eyes or gems, to give a unique touch.
      Another idea is to paint them like dark steel: dark metal, then sponged leadbelcher and chainmail for the edges. Lastly black wash and a bit of blue wash.
      Generally I use airbrush to do paint black and white, but you can manage it with primers.
      Another very fast way is to paint them with black primer, then zenithal white that is going to give the lights. Last paint all the parts with their colours but thinned, like a glazing and washes: it is a very fast and common technique, with a bit of practice you can manage it well.
      Here in my blog you can search the Mercenary Dark Eldar for a metal painting scheme and blue eyes that pop, or my Dark Aelves of The Cult of The Hidden Knives for a black and white painting scheme.
      Marble is very tricky and I have never tried it!
      Hope it helps!

    2. Thank you so much for your answer. I will try what you've said - some seem really easy to do in 200 miniatures. So since they are so many I will try them all. I've see the Dark Aelves and Dark Eldar and they both look great. Thank you again.

    3. You are welcome! A small group per time and you'll paint all without problem!