Here stats, the only author of De Silentio Umbrae.

This blog, translated in "about Shadow's Silence", is a collection of how I see the AoS, WHFB and WH40K. My colour choice is rarely hot, and never bright or happy: I like grim, dark, dirty and gory miniatures. All the minis, tutorial and stuff is based on this way of read the hobby.

I never keep for me what I paint -except Dark Eldar and Dark Elves-: this is why I sell almost everything I paint, I do not need keep them for me, pics and experience above all are only what I save.

Furthermore I am not a gamer, so I can paint everything I want without the constrain of rules.

 I'm interested also in the grey areas of our hobby: miniatures that are not completely good or evil (if this make sense in our hobby worlds).

This is my second blog. The first one had been not supported anymore, because a great accident happened.
If in one hand this is a pain for all the comments/pics/posts lost, on the other hand I can improve this one, after learning a lot from the old one. I'm not English mother tongue so I hope you'll forgive some mistakes I can make.

Well, that's all! Hope you enjoy it!

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