martedì 3 aprile 2018

LXVIII - Showcase: Commission, Death Guard, third wave

Hi readers!
After a pair of months of silence,I'm here to fill a small part of the Internet with my last finished project.

Before the official presentation, I'd like to say that I'm sorry, but I got some things to do in real life and, according to the fact that I had to finish the project, I did not have nothing to tell till now.
Anyway,  here we go!

 As always I completely forget the names of the models, so please have a bit of patience.
Those are the last -till now- wave of DG I've done for a quite big commission, and I decided to magnetize most of the model.
First the tank. I've not painted a lot of tanks, but they are damn fun to paint. The front is more rusted than the rest, because it is more easily used.
All the weapons are magnetized!

Then a magnetized drone with all the options.

Three kind of cataphractii!

Five magnetized termies!

Seven marines with various magnetized options. I forget to put in this pic the sword magnetized option for the champ.

Three limited edition marine. The arts are amazing.

A captain and a standard bearer.

Fly guy!

Elegant boy.

And writing guy.

I had a lot of fun in painting this army.
I did not take a family portrait because every time I did it, the pic is worst than my horrible single pics.
Here the first wave, here the second wave, here Mortarion other about it.

Now I got something like 5 project on my mind, stay tuned for more dirty models!

Hope you like them.

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