martedì 21 marzo 2017

XLIV - wip The Glottkin, Monster March, III week

Hi you all!
Third week of Monster March! The goal is near and I have only to stretch my hand to catch it!
As always, a recap of all the steps:
 -first week: assembling, priming, brainless painting (preparations for the real painting); 
- second week: largest parts and all the part with their base colours at least; 
- third week: details and finish;
 - fourth week: everything it is missing.

Well, here we go!
I started to paint the metal and the tongue.  For the tongue,  I used the black and white primers as base and then I added two watered down reds. Easy and fast! And than gore!
For the metal I was inspired by the Marvellous Death Guard of Greggles (guys I really love that army, so effective, so subtly but clearly nurgleish - for my standard, my miniatures yells that they belong to Nurgle lol-). I did not have the colours of the Greg's recipe, but I followed the same steps and I like it. The fire is  missing!

Time to casual splashing colours! I used only black do make some dots of dirty: I am wondering if I ought to add some other colour dots, but those things should be thought well, because they can change the whole miniature. Till now I decided to use only black but hey, there is another week yet!

Here the back. I added another hand of BFTBG on the back muscles, and I painted a bit better the "clothes". I think it is going to be total red, but I am not totally convinced. I quite proud of the eyes you can spot somewhere: I paint some in brown, some in blue, and some like the eyes of the Plaguebearers, light blue with cataracts. Let's find them my friends!

Finally I managed to start to paint the two small brother (at least one of them). I really like those model, and I think than one is going to be the personification of the classical rust (the fighting bro), and one the personification of the verdigris (the magic bro).

Also the base had colours: I used as light the base colours I used to paint the bigger bro, than with the magical Ammo Mig weathering wash (or something) I added two types of brown. Also, I used my classical way to do some bush. The tone is very nice and it blends well with the sick feeling of the miniature. Also, with valleyo still water, W&N inks, and vomit effect I did some puddles. I wanted a dirty water, and this is the result, with some swirls made with vomit effect and a toothpick.

Here the bigger bro till now: as said I am not focus in only one part (horns, metal..) but I did a bit of each part till I ged bored, then I change, and restart. Quite time consuming, but more funny.

And here the personification of the rust! I made the rust with a mix of bestial brown, vallejo hot orange, water and baking soda. The mix is a kind of mud, that you apply generously, and then with a paper towel you remove the bigger part clumsily. This make the rust going in the deepest part, add a bit of randomness, and make it textured, also removing some details, making a piece very ruined. If you have painted the metal under with the edges "shiny", it is going to help to have a realistic effect. The charms are made with verdigris to recall the other future bro.

And here the work till now. The model is huge, it is difficult to do a big pic of it!
I know that the bros are not very homogenous, but I have thought that they are a very important characters in a army, so why should they have the same clothing/colours? Also, imho too much homogenous  could be a bit boring: the bigger model is totally green, so another pair of green miniatures could be a bit annoying . For the plaguelords this worked -to me- so I hope also for the Glottkin. Well one of the plaguelords has a green armour and this a metal one, but the idea is the same.
What is missing? The fire, the filaments of gore, some details, fire and the magic bro of course!

Next and the last week the showcase: the third bro is going to be a final surprise! 

Hope you like so far, and more next week!

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