giovedì 10 agosto 2017

LVII - WIP: Commission, Death Guard 2

Hi you all!
Slow and steady, as the Death Guard, the works continues very well. This commission is very nice, also because I'm doing some new things that are very nice but, as always, lets proceed with order.

First of all I finished the unit of seven Space Marines. The minis are very complex with tons of details: I do not know if the set with those guys is as a starter set, but I think they are not miniatures for rookies. The painting scheme is very dangerous, because a clear color is easy to make dirty with a darker one without willing: however it is coming nicely Imho.

The pox are a classical of my work, I've painted tons of zombies, mutants, renegades and so on and it is very funny each time. In this case I used a vallejo air color for the skin that is extremely clear, pallid flesh if I remember well.

The rust is a new techniques I'm using, a modification of the baking soda technique.
The bases scream chaos with their blue hue, and blue is the opposite colour of orange, making the rust popping. I'm going to add some pigments to add more complexity.

The painting scheme is very cool but on the drone is marvellous imho, because it has a lot of flat surfaces.
Here a partial family portrait, to have an idea of the final result!

Hope you like it all!

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