giovedì 3 agosto 2017

LVI - WIP: Commission, Death Guard 1

Hi you all!
Back from Holidays and work issue, I'm ready for a new project, with Nurgle as focus, I'm talking about Death Guard.

I bought the set of Dark Imperium (miniatures are AMAZING) and it becomes a commission for one of my eBay buyer, a very nice and kind person.
We have a very similar taste about Nurgle, so it becomes a kind of collaboration sharing ideas, a very cool and daring way of painting.

We decided to take inspiration from some pics caught on the internet, and I tried to bend them to my style, and frankly  I'm very satisfyied about the result because I used techniques and material never used.
We decided to paint the Space Marines like the heresy painting scheme, making it dirty and modified by rust and all nice things, despite the classical green scheme of the 40k.

For the poxwalkers the idea was light skin, disgusting bubbles and so on, well my bread buds!

The base was an inspiration from the internet pics, with a complementar colour to underline the orange and brown of the rust, and the pallid flesh or creamy white. I am going to add some brown pigments to make the base more interesting. Generally I paint neutral and natural bases, but this time  I go out my safety zone and I am quite pleasant.
Hope you like them!
I can't wait to paint the drone, it is a marvellous miniature.
Stay tuned for more disgusting miniatures!
At the end the stormcasts army is for sales, if you are interested or just curious, check it out!

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