giovedì 6 aprile 2017

XLVII - New Things on my Table!

Hi readers!
Today a small post, but a very important one, because it is going to be a forecast of what it is going to be under my dirty brushes for a good quantity of time.
I have finished The Glottkin and the first Nurgle wave. I was quite impressed by the fact that all the model have been sold very fastly: the daemons were quite slow, but they are all disappeared with the Glottkin in one night (if I remember well, the  three bros lasted on eBay less than 24h, incredible record).

I really like that people is interested in my work and I can scrape up some money for the hobby, so I decided to invest part of the money in new project. But I had another project also in my mind! Damn, the idea to have only one work to do every time is impossible.

Well let's proceed with order.
First, the new arrivals: a big box of the starter set of AOS, to paint and sell: I have already painted most of those guys, so I quite know what I am facing. This is going to steal a lot of time, but I wanted to paint some Stormcast, so I decided to do it in big. Also, the chaos miniatures are great, and I bought the whole set for with reasonable price. The box is huge, the biggest I've ever bought.

I also bought the Blight Kings: I always wanted to paint them, and after the fun I had in painting the Glottkin small bros, I decided to paint them. Also, I got a good quantity of bitz and things, I am thinking to create a kind of daemon leader for them, but I have a great amount of miniatures to paint,  so this is going on background . I am wondering if try to do a tutorial about them, but time is not too much, I'd really like to finish the Blightkings and the Aos starter before the end of June. I've already assembled them, it tooks an hour and half more or less, but I have to clean them, fill the gaps and so on.

Lastly, I do not know if you know that in this AMAZING blog is beginning the AOS28, a new way of see AOS, in a grimdark point of view. Must say, this hits me like a brick in my head, and I decided to partecipate. Ok I have not got any of the medium they use to share their work (neither I am going to subscribe to any of them), but I love the idea, and maybe I am going to partecipate to the Eclipse event. Maybe. I have already finished to "sculpt" ( yes, also a bit of green stuff!!!) a couple of guys, but I think that I am going to do the showcase before the wip, to augment the surprise effect. Also, some parts I need are not arrived yet, and bases need to be completed.

So the schedule is set, a lot of AOS! I think I am going to do a pair of those project together, and I think that AOS28 (that I have already started eheh) must need to arrive to a kind of fixed step, than I can put all my effort on the project above, however starting one of them soon is really likely (I think the blightkings ). Ah, the AOS28 project is not going to be sold so like all the other projects above and, if you know what I do not sell and if you have seen my last post, I think you can imagine what is going to be the idea behind the warband.

Stay tuned!

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