venerdì 14 aprile 2017

XLIX - Showcase: Nurgle Blightkings

"Rotting alive beings, suffering foes, unstoppable disease, noisy flies and crawling maggots: we need only few things to feel complete".

Hi readers!
This week I've finished the Blightkings, my last (but one?) unit of Nurgle, result achieved!
Now there is only an army of Stormcast, an army of Khorne, and some spare project to do, easy and fast (joking of course).

However, this was the last Nurgle kit I wanted to paint in my painter life at least once, after all these: what a plague months!

As the daemons, I tried to paint Nurgle without green -well without the classical green-. The result is quite pleasant to me, a bit daring, but I like it.

I decided to paint them like a disgusting group of bulky rusty rotten soldiers.

As always, never look too much an ass of a Nurgle's minion.

I really had fun in cover them with rust, and if you are interested, I also did a fast tutorial, you can find it on the tutorial page.

Here we go, single pics!

I decided that the champion should be blessed by Nurgle, so I used all the options with mutation (and my favourite helmet).

The standard bearer had a really weird face, so I decided to put some saliva on it, like if his brain was melted or full of maggots -I think not too much away from reality-. He is a very big mass of rust, so I put some gems to steal a bit of attention.

Must say, the bell on the belly -!- is something beautiful in a Nurgle way. This mini is amazing, I really appreciate also the big bell.

The protagonist of the tutorial. His top knot has the same colours of the tongues of the champion.

"C'mon dainty stormcasts, I dare you to coff coff ( pieces of rotten lungs rolling down the neck)"!
I really like the spikes on the shoulders.

Those guys are ready to spread disease on the table, if you are interested they are on sales (here the page with infos).

Thanks to read and stay tuned,  there is a lot to paint!

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