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LXVI - Monster March, second week: tutorial, rust with salt

Hi readers!
Second week of MM19, I'm in perfect time -small monster, I managed to do the steps of this post last week -, and I'm somewhat proud of it. I've thought that it could be nice to do a tutorial during the event, so here we go!

As you know, I'm painting the Bloatdrone, so I decided to use an arcaic way to rust it, as our elder ones did in the past, using salt.

Why you should use salt instead of the chipping medium? This questions seems perfect for some bullets:

  • It's messy (you do not have a lot of control)
  • It's fun
  • It's cheap
  • If you do not have at home some fancy medium and you do not have patience/you're lazy you can do it
  • It's something new to try!

However unluckily you need an airbrush -that could erase the third point of the list...- but, if you're brave enough, you can manage it with some large brushes and soft touch.

Lets start! The first step is to put some nice primers, I use a dark grey one with a zenithal white one, you can do it also with spray cans.

Now the colors of the rust, I use a couple with airbrush, but you can use brushes, above all the second step with drybrush could give very interesting textures.

The delicate part! Cover your model with airspray, and when it's still wet, apply salt like you have to put on your meal - hoping you use less of it to eat-.

After a bit you can paint the model with the color that should be above the rust, and I used a couple of them with airbrush, but you can do it with brushes maybe, but you need to be very delicate. Always experimentate before!

Now wait very well (price of waiting too less == removed paint till the primer ), about a night to be sure.
Then you can use some water and a big square brush to remove the salt (gently, water is going to melt salt).

Leave the water dry.
Now you can complete the rust as you want, this is a base to continue you process of rusting.

In this case I 've underlined the white, added some layers of streaking rust of ammo mig, and other weatherings.

There is also some progress for MM19 of course!
Thanks to read, hope it helps!

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