mercoledì 6 marzo 2019

LXV - Monster March, first week: assembling

Hi readers!
I've decided to partecipate again to the Monster March event created by SwordMaster of Path of an Outcast blog.

I partecipated at the first edition a couple of years ago, with the Glottkin, and I had fun. Furthermore I need a kick to paint some models, I have some projects in my mind, so, why do not merge them with a marvellous event?

I have a small army of Nurgle to paint. That's weird that I get the longest time away from the hobby till I restarted -almost the whole 2018- because of an overkill of Nurgle minis, but where am I now? To another Nurgle army.

I got some ideas about it, and I wanted to apply them.

For MM I am painting a bloatdrone  (I suppose  the fourth of my life) but if I start to paint the whole army, I'll be happy.
I've removed some spikes and the (ugly) fake liquid between the horns, and I've removed the scars to have more surface to paint and rust. I like the fact I'm not very good with green stuff and milliput because with Nurgle, crispy surfaces and imperfections are going to add mess and value.

As you can see, all the models are somewhat modified, I 've simplified the marines, and also the poxies, adding them some masks and removed the spikes. The Nurgle models are very cool but they have too much details and frills imho, so I cut and glued.
I've used also Real Earth TM to base the models, it's going to be very nice with thin texture.

Meanwhile you are reading, the primer is drying on the models! Stay tuned for more classy Nurgleish stuff!

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