martedì 20 settembre 2016

I - A new Beginning

Hi readers! My last blog is dead. I killed it.

All the pics were disappeared and I do not have any backup of them, so, in a storm of rage, I decided to leave alone the first creature and create a new one.

I think it is going to be better than the last one: I am quite sad for all the comments and post lost, but the decision is this, so keep on writing.

My last blog is going to be alive for some month I think: hope to do not lose anything, anymore.

However, here we go!



Luckily some pics already exists but they are a small part of the total: I think I am going to revamp some old post in the next future, above all because some of the most liked post could be re-published.

4 commenti:

  1. Hopefully you can save more of your images.

    You will upload them to Blogger for your new articles?

    1. Yes I am doing it slowly and manually! The first posts are save, not too much, but better than nothing!

  2. Dark gory dirty warhammer end times! Now starts the age of de silentio umbrae!
    Looking forward to see what you post here.