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XV - Showcase: Bloodreavers

Showcase: Bloodreavers

the Age Of Sigmar is a great revolution: good?Bad? As always, I think the truth is in the middle.
I've started the hobby when the Dark Elves Cold One were like fat idiot cows (I loved them): now I do not play, I like only paint and create armies, so the rage-rules is not my cup of tea. So I'm fond of the game, and a bit sad for all the changes but raging versus this, it is like being angry for the sunset. And some miniature like the chaos ones are very beautiful: not always old=good, look at the old dark eldar mandrakes or wyches!

After my two coins, here there are my version of bloodreavers: they are very pretty miniatures in my opinion and very better than the old chaos marauders.

There was a big challenge for me: Khorne's colour is red, but i do not like vivid and hot colours. The first idea was to do not use red and "cover" the miniature of blood to represent their dedication: then I decided to use red, but "chipping" the colour to make it less powerful. I decided not to use the brass for this miniature and only a little of red, because I decided that these elements are the status symbol for the most important warriors (soon on these pages!). Well, here my miniatures!

DGD Levels:
Dark: 2/5
Gory: 2/5
Dirty: 4/5

I put also the photo of Khorgorath (small surprise); for him (it?) I decided to use red with only blood and gore. Very funny!

Dark: 2/5
Gory: 5/5
Dirty: 4/5

Soon I'll post a tutorial to create this easy painting scheme for the bloodreavers and a tutorial for the gory slime on the back of the Khorgy! Hope you'll enjoy it!

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