giovedì 29 settembre 2016

XVI - Showcase: Dark Eldar Warriors

Showcase: Dark Eldar

This is my first showcase and I want to show you some bad guys of mine.
I've started Warhammer a lot of year ago, then I left the hobby for more or less 10 years: when I was young,
dark elves were my religion. Now I love yet the emo-elves but I love also the cruel eldar! I think that the
old miniature range were cute but not incredible, but the last are (for me) the best  miniature of GW.
Mine is a little kabal, they are not too much rich as the biggest kabals, but they are hungry, and when sharp dark eldar brains meet hungry will, here the key for the success! Ok, I did not spent a much time to imagine the background.

The story of the painting scheme of The Kabal of The Astonishing Void is long and full of suffering (Dark Eldar style).
In three word four-five painting scheme. Do you know the feeling when you've painted 20-30 miniatures and in your bed you think "well, my painting scheme sucks.."?
This is the result of this path of suffering.

As you can see they are not too much gory and they are not dirty: they are eldar, not universe-scum!!!
If you like it, tell me and probably, if I'll be less gelous, I'll post my painting scheme.

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