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XIV - Tutorial: how to paint Age Of Sigmar Khorne Bloodreavers

Tutorial: how to paint Age Of Sigmar Khorne Bloodreavers

Today, as promise, I'll share my way to paint bloodreavers. It is a semi-fast method. The miniatures are -IMHO- very cool and easy to paint.

I decided to make them dirty, because I cannot imagine bloodreavers using a shower (maybe with blood), and neither choose nice pants or using a washing machine (maybe this is going to be a new Khorne engine, bloodwashingmachine, it is going to work putting skull in).
Anyway, the scheme is simple and very funny, because I decide to use some techniques that I love: we are going to see them later.

After using chaos black spray as primer I put a first (two) layer of colours. When I've no idea of the results, I decide to paint more or less all the model with one colour to easily imagine the results.

In the tutorial I'll put the step and above or under a photo of the colour used.

After that, lets make some shadows. I use also an incredible colour but I do not know if you can find it everywhere. This is a strange black, because it is a bit brown and very very matt: once dried, it seems like coal. It is useful for stones and shadows, because it is less aggressive and more natural than chaos black, but you can use a mix of 1/5 of brown and 4/5 of black. I dilute the colours to create some wash. This is a technique that I often use: it is like wet blending, but with washing and more muddler: put some wash into your miniature, than add another in another place and so on: you'll mix the wash and give irregularity that I love so much. For this miniature I use these colours, because they are (for example) not dead, only muscled and dirty. I give two layers of this wash, one very random (except the catachan green only on pants), the sencond less random.

After that, lets put a pair of layer of the base colours.

Highlights, metal, red: simply a layer of red gore and highlights of clear red, after shades of a wash of black; for chipping the red, lets make some spot of black, than a bit of boltgun metal and chainmail.

Dirty: add water to black, and green like the second step, and use also the agrax earthshade. Use a old brush: dip it into the colours and, with your finger, spray it on the miniature. If you dry a bit the brush, the dots are going to be smaller. This technique is going to stain also everything (now you can understand why my pots are all spotted!).

lets base with death undergrowth, add a blood drop it and here the full results!

 As you can see, I'm quite messy in painting because it is important to have this results (and also is my way of painting!!!), so, if you want any explanation, comment without problem!

Hoping to be helpful!
What do you think about?

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