martedì 20 settembre 2016

IV - Showcase: Vampire Counts Necromancer

Showcase: Vampire Counts Necromancer

Hi! Today small post about this miniature, the Vampire Counts Necromancer.
During those days I'm a bit lazy and I'm reading a lot of Lovecraft stuff -I've bought three books for the summer vacations but I've already finished two of them, they are magnetic- so I've found those pics on my pc of this guy that I was proud to have painted and shared them, in memory of the good old square bases. It is fun because he could be popped out from ''the case of Charles Dexter Ward''!

As you can see, it is an old one miniature of mine: today surely this old creepy man should be more dirty, and less red.
I loved to paint him because it has something: there are some miniatures that are better because give you atmosphere or somenthing similar.

I think it is more creepy this Necromancer than, for exemple, the  brandnew Skulleaterbloodywhipperskull.
Furhermore I like miniature without too much details or random details.

This miniature gives me a bit of melancholy, because was one of the proof that GW could do excellent miniatures without use cannons in fantasy and other too much weird/steampunk thing (or delete a game/style for another), and I am not a AoS hater has you know! So a bit of melancholy also for you!

As usual, the miniature has been sold on eBay.
 What do you think?

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