mercoledì 28 dicembre 2016

XXIX - wip on the Nurgle Wave

Hi all!
In these days I'm am working on the first part of the Nurgle wave of miniatures I recently face.

First of all I added Dsquis to the blog, hope you enjoy it: if there is any problem tell me please! Now let's talk about important things!

Here the first result of this work, a 92% finished plaguebearer. I -almost- finished it because I used it to experimentate the base and refreshing in my mind the painting scheme. I really like the base, and it is very fun because I spend few minutes to do it -and a night to leave the colour dry-.

I started with the spawns, nurglings and plaguebearers, using my old painting scheme with some modifications that I think improve it. They are slightly different, so nothing important.
The biggest problem with an army, above all a daemons one, made of naked bad guys (is my impression or the most dressed are ironically the Slaanesh one?) could be quite monotonous between units: this make a very coese army, but maybe a bit boring, so I think that with a disgusting creative use of gore, rot, slime and so on I can avoid a bit the monotonous feeling without creating an harlequin army ( must put my dark eyes on them to kill the colours and lights....).
I am quite not totally convinced about what paint after these guys: on the table there is the Glottkin, drones already glued and the kit of three guys that I never remind the name. This last one is going to be magnetized, but let's proceed with order.

The first two pics of Nurglings, spawns and Plaguebearers are at the same level of progress, using the same steps and colours. I have painted them till here like a big unit.

After that there are going to be some steps for each units, some corrections for each model, and lastly bases and dirty, gore etc. and everyone is going to pleasant with a custom touch of them. I like to imagine it like a kind of tree, with common steps and then branches smaller and smaller.

Nurglings are very funny to paint: their poses are laughtable, and the fact that they are in different rows make easy to create some nice 3d effect. It is also great keep them on hand, because they feeling is to have a slab of plastic in your hand, heavier then classical miniature.
In this step base and shadows are given, and on the above also lights, horns and a bit of dirty. 

In the above pic I painted all the skin, the tongues, eyes and a bit of blood and pus. Clearly I have to add more dirty, mucus and so on.
I'm currently working on these masses of filth so they are going the first to be finished.


These guys at the beginning seems to be similar to the other daemons but layers after layers the fact that they are somehow different becomes clear. Now they are in stand by, they deserve some ad hoc work.

Love to paint these guys. There are a lot of details without a messy layering of clothes and things. The swords that remenber how prehistoric men worked rocks are a touch of a genius.

I added some cracking paint and textured paint to give more subtle details like you can see on the neck and back if this boy.

Logically I choose the most difficult to photograph as mock up! Yes, it is all fault of the miniature, keep on believe it stats!

These are the second unit to be finished imho. I am spending a bit more of time because I am taking the pics for the tutorial, hoping to be helpful. So far the job is funny, and I am very confident in painting Nurgle so I hope to reach nice results.

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