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XXXVI- wip: Nurgle Mortals, Maggoth Lords and (a bit of) the Glottkin

Hi readers!
This is the wip post, a kind of small journal written in more than one day, about the last two big units I have of Nurgle, the Maggoth Lords and the Glottkin. Let's end with some big boys!
Furthermore a lot of nice colours and things are arrived, and I am more excided when new colours arrive than when I have mount of miniatures.

Lets proceed with order. I used also some b&w pics, very nice!
I decided to magnetized the riders of the Maggoth Lords to have the three amigos in one miniature.
 The monster is the same, I have not magnetized it but I decided to use my favourite one. The liquid green stuff is great to fill the gaps, but I've to put more layers. It is nice because it gives a good texture. It has a lot of details so I am not going to add cracking paint or textured paint.
I decided also to start the Glottkin, assembling the two smaller bros, but must be sincere, this is the only step I have done for them.
 The one with the schyte (must learn their name and the Maggoth lords') has the left foot made with green stuff because I've broken it accidentally. Luckily they are easy to replicate: I must finish it however.
During this days is arrived the fist tranche of colours I bought, a lot of Vallejo, some mud, and tiny tiny leaves!
The second group is going to arrive and frankly I am incredibly impatient: they are not common colours used on miniatures so, maybe, I'll do a post for them only.
If you are wondering if these colours are for the Nurgle things,  the answer is not all, but for something else -DE-.
However, as the last Nurgle project, black and white primer.
Then a new colour, Duck Egg Green, more green than rotting flash to give a slight different feeling than the daemons.
Here you can see also lights and some shadows and dirty. The riders are going to be painted more or less like the zombies, to give them a more "human" finish. The background is yellowish because these two pics are caught in a different place.

I was a bit scared about too much monotony in the skin of the monster, so I tried to wash with different colours in different parts. The biggest part of the model is done -clearly the riders are not ok done-. However the steps are always the same.
Now that the no brain part is ended, I have first add some wash/lights in parts I do not like, and then paint all the bubbles, veins, scars and guts.
After that the upper part of the riders is put on the side, to focus better on the monster.

I'm thinking also about the armour colour. I'd like to paint it like the rusty metal of the banner and bell of the Plaguebearers, but also a nice chipped metal could be intesting, maybe in camo green or something. I think that I'll mix them.
So here the first results on the lower part of the riders: to vary I have added some red to the robe using a pair of the new colours.

From the point of view above the monster seems a tender and soft maggot! The bubbles are an industrial quantity, so the work id going to be quite long.
If you are an old reader, maybe you can remember my Skitarii walker (I do not remember the name... as always and I am too lazy to search it lol) I did a weird melted colour on it: well I did the same on the armour of the guy, and again I did not know how, but I like it.

If you are curious you could put on Google images "de silentio umbrae" and, despite my pics are all vanished, you can find some ghost of them and see the mentioned Skitarii thing and much more! Amazingly sad!

Guts and tongue(s) are a bit more clear in real life than in pics, however there is something to do like trophy heads and a lot of details.
Complete the riders is going to be the next step, and also the base.
Hope that till now it is quite nice!

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