giovedì 9 febbraio 2017

XXXVIII - Showcase: Plague Lords Magnetized

Whoaa the Plague Lords are finished!!!
I really had fun in painting this model, more than daemons, because it has all the good features that daemons have, like great quantity of flesh, horns, spikes, bubbles, teeths, fangs, trophy heads and guts, but also it has a "human" part, with different skin, armours, weapons and so on.

I decided to magnetize the riders, because they are all very cool, despite my favourite one is the guy with two axes.

As you can see the legs are equal to the axes guy, so chipped green with rust. The smiling guy is distinguished by verdigris, and the hooded guy is characterized by a red robe, similar to the robe on the common legs.

The light glossy feeling to the bigger bubbles is given by the W&N inks, check the review if interested! I really like the base, I think I'm going to use it more than on the Nurgle wave.

And here the classical butt pic lol!

Dunno why but this is my favourite point of view, the right one.

As always, I decided to add saliva (in this case glue mixed with blood and black). I decided to do some green gems, that shines in a grim way on the miniature. also, I put some blood between lips and teeth of the monster, to simulate bloody gums. If you can see, there is a black point on a bubble that seems an eye: it is totally random splashing colours, but I left it because it seems a weird eye or a infected pore of a giant pimple. Let's feed your imagination with those nice images!

Here Axe Guy Gus (well I read the name, I put them on eBay, I forgot them immediately...), screaming some nice words to a Stormcast Eternals. The sigils on the belly are not put because it make a bit annoyingly to magnetize the trunks.

Hoody Meltin' face Bob is inspired to the GW one, with a less yellow finish. I really liked to add mucus to the maggots. Green mucus of course, magic maggots for everybody! I also added some small freehands, but they are not clear on this pic.

Smiling Frank was too much friendly also for the Nurgle Standards, so I decided to make its smile a bit more... bad with saliva and blood and I also added him some nice green eyes. I wanted a different feeling so I added verdigris to the schyte and the shoulder pad. Those differencies with the legs give a very messy feeling, but I think the face is really catchy so they pass pleasently in the background.

Well I painted this guys and the miniature is big, but the detail I love the most is the central skull on the back horns of Smiling Frank. It is weird because it is the result of random hits of brush with some ink added and removed with finger. Absurd, it is inspiring me a painting scheme but I am too much afraid of a soo much random technique.

The flies are with green body and red eye, very fast to do.

Here two pics already posted but I'm very proud of this face and of that strange detail on the neck of the monster.

And here the pics for eBay! Thanks to have read, now The Glottkin on the table!

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