martedì 18 ottobre 2016

XXIV - Wip: -Dark Eldar Wyches

I am alive but in a down mood in the hobby: I'm thinking about new projects and during this, I  am painting these miniatures very slowly. Must confess, I love DE but wyches are not my cup of tea. I bought them to have the wonderful knives they got, but I hate waste miniatures, so I decided to paint them and use custom blades/knives for most of them, and I like the result.

After finishing the Imperial Knight, I have found my table -and wallet- empty. As said, I found the last components of my Kabal, the Kabal Of the Astonishing Void.
In this post I am adding the pics during the painting, a kind of wip log, with some thoughts about them and other hobby things!
The three already painted.

I was not too much decided to paint them cause after some month of pause, I am not completely satisfied by the painting scheme.
Missing to paint! 

This is a big problem, I have a fully painted army with the old one!
Almost done.

Also, I had written down the painting scheme, but it is not simple to restart something, above all if for the last project you use completely different techniques.
Biggest work to do!

I decided to finish the Wyches and maybe the Archon and the Venom that I have to finish than I think that I'll buy some warriors to paint with the new painting scheme I am thinking.
Finished, only bases are missing!

My idea is to finish the Kabal -the Wyches and maybe the Archon - and keep the venom for the new project.
6/10 done, plus some bases to do!

In the last project I created many custom minis, so I decided to try to customize the new Dark Eldar and maybe create a small detachement of mercenary. Maybe write down some fluff!

If I'll sell something, I can also think to do other "selling" project, Dark Eldar -and Dark Elves are not for sales-.

Well let's hope I'll not change idea!

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