martedì 21 febbraio 2017

XL - Genesis of a Project: a new painting scheme

Whoa 40th post of the new blog, time is flying!
The Glottkin are put apart for the nice Monster March, so I can continue to torture myself in search of the perfect (read: not real) DE painting scheme.
As you can read, my struggle versus a painting scheme for my Dark Eldar continues. I hate it, I love Dark Eldar, but this is something like the 6th or 7th painting scheme I change. Lets proceed with order.

As always this is a Frankenstein wip, updated during these days.

The ideas on the table were:
1 - a bunch of modified Dark Eldar, not a big Kabal -till now-, mercenaries in the WebWay;
2 - grey painting scheme, because I love grey;
3 - monochromatic;
4 - despite I did it often, my Kabal is not going to be repainted another time.

all those ideas are here, and here.
The point 2 and three are death. Despite I really enjoyed in painting some miniatures with very few colours, and I advice you to try to do it as a great technical exercitation, that does not satisfied me.
Also, I've found some very cool colours, and those damn colours whispered to my ears "dark eldar": the trouble was set.

The laughtable thing is that probably I'll neither use those colours for my DE, because I've found other beautiful colours. I think that you, my English-language friends, could define this situation as "well you are f****d up". Yes, colours are my addiction, I confess, and as a good Dark Eldar, there is a pleasure in the pain of changeing painting scheme!

The walking ones are something like preparing to fight with knives, so I added knives, and so on.

The shooting ones are simplified, less spikes.
The idea of flat faces really enjoy me, so I keept it from the last part of the project
And now paint! Black primer with airbrush: slower than cans, but funny and more precise and light. Than black metal (I..I_ ) and some highlights.
After that, I glaze the metal with w&n blue to keep the shining, I added black to shadows, and painted the red.

I know they are quite similar to my old kabal!
And then it happens. The change.
I love the wabi sabi way of art, beauty in imperfection.
So I have casually found this : forgive the pic cought from the pc - horrible thing but when I cannot save the pic or the link I have to do those horrible thing.

And I wanted to try to get inspiration from that.
Here the result.

And we arrive at today. I have modified sa bit the upper result, I was not too much happy with the blue. Also, I added a bit of shiny to the armour. This is already a wip, but I think that I reached an intermediate result that satisfy me. Maybe.

I think that something is missing but I really do not know what, maybe I ought do blue eyes or something.
Please Monster March help me, take away  from this hell!

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