giovedì 29 settembre 2016

XXII - Showcase: Imperial Knight .

Hi readers!
First real post of the new blog! finally I finished my imperial knight!

Of course it is on sales!

I fully magnetized it, so it is possible to use all the weapons. I decided to make it dark, with a dark grey armour, black glossy trims, ruined metal and a bit of bronze.

The knight was too much clean so I decided to add some scratches etc., to make it more used in battle.

Also, I like limitated palettes, so neither a coloured transfer is used, only black and some "warning" ones.

Shooting weapons are violet due the fact I decided to make them hot.

Lastly the base is very matt but also glossy, like volcanic rocks and rust.
I also added some weird puddles.

Hope you like it, I really like it however!

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